How to install the Printer

To install the Printer, we should have to download the latest version of the software of your Printer and computer. Check and select the software which is strongly compatible with your Computer OS and your Printer model. The Printer and the computer in which you are installing the printer software should be connected with the same network. HP Printer Support will help you always for 24*7 hours.
Follow the step by step instructions that is displayed on the screen until you would get the prompt for the Connection Type.


When prompt is displayed on the screen then select one of the options Wireless, Through the Network or Network.
The wording totally depends on the version of the software being installed right now.
But in some of cases, some software will automatically choose the Wireless Setting for you.
At the end, follow each and every steps which is displayed on the screen in order to finish the installing of the software.
If your Printer is already connected with the network and now ready to install the software, the printer is automatically discovered during the installation process. Note that PC in which you are installing the software should be hooked up with the Same network as the printer.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the printer on the network. If it does is not happen, then you can find the printer from an advanced search by the Printer assigning the IP address. Get the IP address by writing Wireless Network report or Network Configuration page. IP address must be shown on the screen when the wireless ICON is touched.

If you are installing the printer for the first time and if you are using the universal serial bus setup of wireless approach, then follow the guidance step by step which is used in creating the wireless connection. Don’t connect the USB until you receive the instruction from the software. Your PC and Printer must be connected over the same network. If you are still not able to install your HP Printer, then call on the hp printer setup support number to get fast and reliable solutions at affordable cost.

HP Printers installation for windows

  • Take out your HP printer from the box
  • Plug all the HP Printers wires into their respective port and turn on the Printer by switching on the Power button.
  • Just make a connection between your HP printers to the Computer through Universal serial bus cable.
  • Turn on your PC.
  • Put the HP printer Drivers CD onto the CD drive of computer. The computer will automatically start installing the drivers.

If it doesn’t start automatically then go to CD driver and then again click on the setup files or installation files in order to install and setup the drivers.

  • Step by step follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.
  • Now your Drivers are installed successfully.

Features of HP printers

  • HP printer will provide you with a quick and fast printing experience.
  • Advanced Printing technology features have been introduced by Hewlett Packard.
  • It is very easy to install and setup.
  • Wired or Wireless HP Printers are coming into the market.

Troubleshoot HP printer issues

First question that arises after buying the HP printers is how to install the hp printers. HP Printers already are full of advanced features which could perform the printing task within a couple of seconds. But each thing has its own advantages and disadvantages. So similar is the case with the HP printers as well, there are some HP Printer issues that you are going to struggle with. We furnish the easy and reliable troubleshooting steps to resolve your HP printer wireless setup issues.
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  • Setup and Configuration of HP printers.
  • Update the Windows
  • HP wireless Printer support
  • Troubleshoot the HP Printers wireless issues.
  • Update the HP Printers software and drivers

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